How Starstream works

How Starstream works

Selling access to live stream, webinar and online events is a highly profitable online activity. There is zero cost, no inventory to manage and no returns to handle. The customers are ready to pay a healthy amount to get entertained, learn useful things or live a meaningful experience.

To tap into this revenu opportunity you need the right tools. This is where Starstream comes in. It is a super simple app to sell tickets for online events.

An online event takes the form of a secret link. This link can be:

  • An unlisted YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook live stream URL
  • A secret link to a webinar on Zoom
  • Any random hidden public link that give access to your live online event

However, you don't want your customers to share the link with each other. Starstream solves this problem by sending the secret link 24 hours before the event begins. This method has been proven effective to stop cross-sharing of the link while providing an awesome customer experience because the link just works when they click on it.

Finally, Starstream sends a notification before the event begins, so your customers remember to connect. This increases engagement to its maximum.

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