How to charge for live stream

You put a lot of work into livestream you create, but advertising and donations does not make it worthwhile? There is a better way to charge for your work : sell tickets for your live stream. If your audience is small (meaning not millions) this is more effective way to make money. The key is to provide a great experience and people won't mind paying a few buck and this can add up quickly. 

So you are ready to livestream, but you don't know how? Don't worry we got you covered with Starstream University.

The tools

There is three tools you need to livestream

  1. A livestreaming platform
  2. A livestreaming software (on computer or mobile)
  3. A microphone and camera

The livestreaming platform

There is free and paid platforms. 

Free platforms

 Paid platforms

With these platforms you will want to get a secret key that you will input into your live streaming software.

The livestreaming software

There is several: free, paid, mac, windows, mobile.

They have all the same concept: you enter a secret key into them and they start to broadcast to your live stream on your platform of choice.

Check out this excellent video by Nick Nimmin on the best live streaming software and apps.

 On mobile you can use the app Live Now on IOS to live stream to Youtube

Microphone and Camera

Here you can go simple or crazy. Start out with your computer webcam and microphone, then upgrade to better gear. When you are ready, you can buy USB microphone or a better webcam on Amazon. You can also use your phone connected with headphones which provide very good quality. 

It will be easy to change the audio source and video source in your streaming software. 

If your are doing a music show and want it to be very professional you might need a console such as : ATEM mini pro

For this part we recommend you start small and upgrade your gear as you go on. There is tons of resources on this subject on YouTube and Google to learn what is the best equipment.

Selling tickets for your live stream

The trick is to use a platform that allows you to create a unlisted link. The recommended free platform to do this is Youtube Live. (check out how) and then sell access to this link with an app like Starstream.