Shopify Experts Affiliate Program

If you're a Shopify Expert or a Shopify Partner you can earn a commission by installing Starstream on your client's store. To learn more about Starstream visit our website and our listing page

Rev Share

Currently our revenue share agreement is:

50% of revenues for year 1

30% of revenues for following years

For example, if you install Starstream on a merchant's store and he generates 1000$ in ticket sales in year 1 and 3000$ of sales in year 2, you would receive 500$ + 900$ = 1400$. 

Interested? To start earning money, simply do this:

Option 1: Email

Just send us an email at with the `[something]` URL of the Shopify merchant for which you installed Starstream. Please include information about your agency such as your Shopify Expert profile or relevant information about your agency. 

Option 2: Self Service

When installing Starstream on the Shopify merchant's store, go to Billing -> Shopify Expert Code and enter your agency email as the affiliate code and we'll reach out to you to get payments setup.

If we do not reach out to you within 3 business days, you can send us an email to or to check on the status.

Option 3: Sign up here

Fill the form below and we'll reach out to you to become an affiliate